Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Agents Required

Ridgeway are actively seeking agents across Europe to assist them with their sales development plan. If you think this would compliment your current portfolio then please contact us on 01384 483030.

New Identity for Ridgeway!

Ridgway adopt a new logo to reflect its current activities Their branding will be appearing across our products in the near future.

Ridgeway putting customers first as steel prices rise

Steel prices continue to remain high Ridgeway are protecting its customers from any increase for the foreseeable future.

Ridgeway achieve great success partnering major company

Waste Stream of plastics from end of life durable goods, such as appliances, computers, business equipment and vehicles are complex. During 2010 a major recycling company commissioned a new plant in the North East of England. It was the Operations Manger who was looking for a suitable partner to work with, to ensure that products of granulated plastic and waste could be collected from a production process and moved around the site and tipped.

Several site visits were required as the plant began to take shape. It was determined that up to 30 tipping Bins would be required, many different sizes all would need colour coding and labeling with their location in the plant.

An order was placed and the goods were supplied during the commissioning period in June 2010.

As the plant moved into production the customer requested a number of modifications were needed to suit the operation. Ridgeway’s fabrication team attended site and made the modification, minimizing and down time and costs.

The plant is now in full production mode and more tipping bins are being ordered on a monthly basis to cope with increased throughout.

Ridgeway’s abilities to work at the design stage offering a number of alternatives and a wide variety of bespoke products demonstrates the flexibility we have.