Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Ridgeway takes on new premises

Due to our continued expansion and extensions to our product range Ridgeway will be increasing its production facilities in spring 2012.
An additional 4000 sq ft will house up to 6 welding bays together with a brand new spray painting facility. This is an encouraging step in Ridgeway’s development which is based on increased business helped by a recovery in UK based Manufacturing.
Telegraph article on UK manufacturing

Corrosion Resistance

In a demanding waste application when a lot of aggressive solvents are used then a paint finish may simply not be enough. Ridgeway can offer all of its products in a Galvanised finish to protect from rusting and contamination.

There is still time for Snow!!!

Recently a number of areas in the UK were badly affected by snowfall. We saw huge demand for our ploughs and sold all of our stock. We have now manufactured a new batch and have 1250mm 1500mm and 1830mm in stock ready to go. Place your order now before stocks go, call us on 01384 483030 for a delivered price.

Customers keep coming back

After submitting prototypes last year our design team collaborated with the operations, logistics and finance teams of a major manufacturer of automotive metal pressings & welded assemblies to improve logistical efficiency. A Ridgeway design solution was approved which resulted in a contract to supply 108 purpose built stillages in January 2012. Working to a tight deadline and an exact brief for vehicle utilisation the project was completed on time and within budget. These stillages will now be enjoying regular trips from the UK to Eastern Europe for the next seven years!!!!

Keep the noise down please

Due to a number of complaints from neighbours regarding noise Ridgeway were asked to advise on a suitable tipping bin solution. A number of 2.0yd tipping bins were supplied fully lined with 10mm rubber. This was a heavy duty lining that ensured metal components dropped into the bin made the minimum amount of noise possible.