Custom Build

A local engineering company was experiencing problems with a number of tipping bins they had a site, Following an accident which could have had serious implication.

Ridgeway were asked to attend site and provide the directors of the company with a thorough audit of their Forklift attachments.

As a result several tipping bin were condemned, a number identified for major refurbishment and the remainder suitable for use.

This customer chose a 1.0 Yard Tipping Skip complete with Auto tip device and a 2 piece hinged steel lid. To ensure the product was compatible the production equipment on a site, an aperture was cut into the steel lid and a weld collar was fitted so that the waste out stream could be easily attached to the Ridgeway Tipping Bin. A sight glass was fitted so that the machine operator could easily see when the bin needs emptying.

 They were colour coded grey for waste segregation purposes.

Ridgeway’s knowledge of forklift attachments enabled them to quickly identify Health & Safety issues and provide the client with a custom built Tipping Skip.